Who We Are

90559513Amr-bil-Ma’roof (ordering for acknowledged virtues) and nahi anil munkar (forbidding fromsin). Allah (SWT) says: “And there should be a group amongst you who invite towards good, order for acknowledged virtues, forbid from sin and these it is that are the successful ones” (AleImran: 104).

Following the Holy Quran and getting Inspiration from the above mentioned Quranic verseShaista Ambar along with her Dynamic Team of Educated young women started paving their way towards a phenomenal success in the form of a Break through achievement “The All IndiaMuslimWomen Personal Law Board.

Since the time of its inception in 2005, All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board has worked extensively with critical cases of Muslim women in states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, and Jharkhand with the help of, lawyers, religious clergies and experts.

We Realized and accepted the fact that the Muslim community is marginalized, poor, and backward. The Muslim women are a minority within a minority. Accepting a Problem is half the battle won, then came the struggle to kick start a movement highlighting the root causes and also a bold and concrete step in the form of a MODEL NIKAHNAMA , strictly based on Islamic Principles abiding by its rules and regulations, protecting the rights of the poor , tortured , illiterate, or even the tortured literate Muslim women in India. That Concrete step kick started our journey, our struggle which is still going on.

In our Long and rigorous study/research we found that when it comes to legal concerns of a Muslim Women, all discussions are shunned. We believe in the Divine Law and do not doubt on its perfection, here in our society the root cause of all the problem is NOT EXECUTING THE ISLAMIC LAWS PERFECTLY, That leaves the victim, the Muslim women to initiate and sustain the process of change .

1153402-3x2-940x627We were flooded with so many unsolved cases, some so critical that we were literally playing with fire But Allah granted us Victory because we never ever went against the shariat or the teachings of our Beloved Prophet PBUH and Ahle BAyat.

The Muslim woman today continues to face the brunt of a discriminatory law. She is divorced either orally, or in writing, and unilaterally, she gets meager or no mehr amounts, her husband continues to remarry with impunity; her consent is not taken at the time of marriage, she is forced to undergo halala, she faces intolerable restrictions during her iddat and so on. It is a tragedy that while Quran bestows many rights on the Muslim women, they are not able to access them. The Quranic injunctions must be made legally enforceable by adding it to the constitution of India.

For that our next Bold Step was to address the President of India through a Letter with every minute detail on why it will prove to be blessings for Indian Muslim Sisters. Thankfully we received a positive reply too.

Our Board’s Aims and Objectives are no Different from the Aims and Objectives of Islam, we strive to Educate our sisters, because with education and knowledge comes success and when they touch the ray of knowledge with deep understanding of shariat too, there is no one in the world who can make them weaker or twist the verses of the holy book in order to serve their own ugly purposes. We invite sisters from all over the country or even beyond the borders to extend their hands with us and let’s make the chain of Daughter of Hawwa Alaihissalam going stronger than ever before. Insha Allah.We believe and act upon the saying “With Knowledge comes the light of Life”.