Mrs.Shaista Amber

Mrs. Shaista Ambar President ” All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board”

Born on 14th February 1962 to a Family of Literary Lineage from her Father’s side and Vulnerable, Loving Afghani Pathans from her Mother’s side , Little Shaista was the first child to her Paternal as well as Maternal Family and hence was an Apple of eyes for her Innumerable Uncles and Aunts who used to take turns in babysitting her. A Saint at that time had Predicted that this girl is going to be ‘Bakhtawar’ (Fortunate) , and will be ‘ shaista’ which means well bred, well mannered and in Pushto language it means “Beautiful” following that Prediction her Doting Father ( A Railway Guard) Late Muhammad Mursaleen ‘shaida’ who was a very famous Urdu Poet from Allahabad named her “Shaista”. True to her name , she proved utmost Loyalty to the Qualities ascribed with the name ‘Shaista’ .

Good in her Academics, Extra Ordinary in Sports and Excellent in her religious studies , she always made her parents proud Despite the fact that she also did all the house chores completely by herself ,Looking After her young 5 siblings and also nursing her Ailing mother who frequently used to get Admitted in Hospital.

As soon as she entered womanhood ,her marriage was fixed to an Upcoming Urdu Poet who was also preparing to join the Indian Administrative service. Having spent her early years under the shadow of one Literary Man she moved under the shadow of another Literary man Muhammad Idrees Ambar. The Nikah was a Blissful Affair and Allah bestowed her with Happiness by granting her 3 bundle of Joys 2 daughters and one son.She did Graduation and Post Graduation after being a Home Maker ,she was always encouraged by her Husband in doing researches on Topics that interested her , she wrote short stories and Articles which later got Published in many Magazines in and outside country too. Her Consciousness was always deeply affected by the injustices done in the society particularly to the Daughters of Eve. Perhaps many of her short stories were widely appreciated because she focused on the female child and how the society treats her.

In her early 30s , when her Husband was transferred to another city , she was compelled to look after her 3 little kids and her newly built house all alone , that was the inception of the new Avatar of Mrs. Shaista Ambar as we know today.

She started helping the poor patients of SGPGI Hospital followed by the Construction of a Mosque with an Outstanding Contribution to the society by Producing a MODEL NIKAHNAMA through extensive research and rigorous Hard work for years. The rest as they say is History. She lives with her Husband (now retired) , still considers herself a Home maker first and a social activist later. Every Friday she conducts a workshop for women and teaches them Islamic Principles and encourages them to participate in religious activities by educating young girls .Recently she was granted 44th Position by India today for being one of the most powerful Woman in India. She has a dynamic team of young educated Girls both Muslims and Non Muslims , she also has female Ulema at a prestigious Position in her Board ‘All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board’. Her world revolves around the teachings of The Prophet of Islam Muhammad Peace be Upon him Always. She lives , believes and acts upon the saying in the Qura’an— Amr-bil-Ma’roof (ordering for acknowledged virtues) and nahi anil munkar ( forbidding from sin) To sum it up— Spread the goodness and do efforts to end the Evil.